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Table 8 Nutritional guidelines for hyperuricemia

From: Uric acid: A new look at an old risk marker for cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes mellitus: The urate redox shuttle

Obesity Caloric restriction to induce weight loss in order to decrease insulin resistance of the MS.
Exercise to aid in weight reduction by increased energy expenditure, also to increase eNOS and eNO, as well as, increase HDL-C with its antioxidant – anti-inflammatory effects. Both will result in REDOX STRESS REDUCTION
Alcohol Avoidance and or moderation. Especially beer with the increased purines from hops and barley. Also improve the liver antioxidant potential.
Low purine diet (moderation) Moderation in meats and seafood's, especially shrimp and barbeque ribs (all you can eat specials).
Vegetables and fruits higher in purine should not be completely avoided as they provide fiber and naturally occurring antioxidants.
Lists should be provided to demonstrate the vegetables and fruits that are higher in purines to allow patients healthier choices
Fiber Emphasize the importance of fiber in the diet as fiber helps to bind excess purines in the gastrointestinal track.