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Figure 3

From: Carbohydrate co-ingestion with protein does not further augment post-prandial muscle protein accretion in older men

Figure 3

Mean (±SEM) plasma and muscle free L-[1-13C] phenylalanine enrichments following ingestion of 20 g intrinsically L-[1-13C] phenylalanine-labeled casein protein with (PRO-CHO; n=12) or without (PRO; n=12) 40 g carbohydrate in healthy older men. No significant differences in muscle free L-[1-13C] phenylalanine enrichments were observed between experiments. A significant time (P<0.0001) and interaction (P<0.0009) effect was found for plasma L-[1-13C] phenylalanine enrichments. *= significantly lower when compared with the PRO experiment (P<0.05).

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