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Figure 1

From: Lack of P2Y13 in mice fed a high cholesterol diet results in decreased hepatic cholesterol content, biliary lipid secretion and reverse cholesterol transport

Figure 1

Lack of P2Y 13 in mice fed HCD decreases in vivo macrophage-to-feces reverse cholesterol transport. Two million of 3H-cholesterol–labeled peritoneal macrophages from C57BL/6 donor mice were injected intraperitoneally in P2Y13-/- (dark grey squares and bars) and WT (light gray squares and bars) mice fed HCD. (A) 3H-cholesterol appearance in plasma 6, 24, and 48 hours after macrophage administration. (B), 3H-cholesterol tracer recovery within liver 48 hours after macrophages injection. (C), 3H-cholesterol appearance in feces collected continuously from 0 to 48 hours, after macrophages injection. Data are expressed as percent cpm injected ± SEM; n = 6 mice group. Statistically significant differences from WT mice are indicated as *p < 0.05.

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