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Figure 1

From: Glutamine attenuates the inhibitory effect of methotrexate on TLR signaling during intestinal chemotherapy-induced mucositis in a rat

Figure 1

Effects of MTX and enteral glutamine on intestinal injury score. The following parameters were investigated: (1) degeneration of surface and crypt epithelium, (2) degeneration of villus structure and vacuolization in the surface epithelium (3) inflammatory cell infiltration and bleeding and edema in the lamina propria. For each criterion, a score was given using a semiquantitative scale as follows: 0 = none, 1 = mild, 2 = moderate, 3 = severe, giving a maximum possible score of 9 for each segment. Values are mean ± SEM. CONTR-control, MTX-methotrexate, GLN-glutamine. *P < 0.05 MTX and MTX-GLN vs CONTR rats. †P < 0.05 MTX-GLN vs MTX rats.

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