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Figure 2

From: Glutamine attenuates the inhibitory effect of methotrexate on TLR signaling during intestinal chemotherapy-induced mucositis in a rat

Figure 2

Evolution of mRNA expression levels of TLR4, MYD 88 and TRAF6 from the ileum of MTX and glutamine treated rats over 72 h. RNA was isolated from the ileum of rats subjected to MTX alone or to glutamine supplementation for 72 h. Real time PCR analysis was performed to determine the expression level of TLR4, MYD 88 and TRAF6 mRNA comparing control, MTX with glutamine-fed rats. Values are mean ± SEM. CONTR-control, MTX-methotrexate, GLN-glutamine. *P < 0.05 MTX and MTX-GLN vs CONTR rats. †P < 0.05 MTX-GLN vs MTX rats.

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