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Figure 3

From: Muscle p70S6K phosphorylation in response to soy and dairy rich meals in middle aged men with metabolic syndrome: a randomised crossover trial

Figure 3

Activation of IRS1and Akt during the postprandial period in human skeletal muscle. Phosphorylation is normalized to the total content of each protein and expressed in arbitrary units. IRS (Tyr612) (A) and Akt (Ser473) (B) phosphorylation are shown of healthy control and metabolic syndrome (MetS) subjects following consumption of a high fat soy or dairy breakfast. The graphs represent mean values ± SEM; n = 10 per group. ** = Significant main effect for time, different than baseline and 4 h irrespective of group or meal P < 0.05. * = Significant main effect for time, different than baseline irrespective of group or meal. † = Significant difference between subjects with metabolic syndrome and healthy control subjects irrespective of meal P < 0.05.

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