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Table 3 Major parameters of blood profile analysis, their normal level and variations in blood in relation to heart health ↑- increased; ↓- decreased

From: Pros and cons of CLA consumption: an insight from clinical evidences

Type Normal Indication
Total cholesterol Below 200 mg/dL ↑ risk of heart disease
LDL-C 100-129 mg/dL ↓ risk of heart disease
HDL-C 40-50 mg/dL (men) ↑ protective against heart diseases
50-60 mg/dL (women)
Triglyceride 100-150 mg/dL ↑ risk of heart disease
VLDL-C 2-30 mg/dL ↑ risk of coronary artery disease
C-reactive protein 0-10 mg/L ↑ Inflammation/heart diseases
15-keto-dihydro PGF2 3-12 ng/L ↑ inflammation
8-iso-PGF2-α 150 ng/L ↑ oxidative stress
Tumor necrosis factor-α extremely low/undetectable ↑ inflammation
Leptin 1-5 ng/dL (men) ↑ inflammation
7-13 ng/dL (women)