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Table 5 Proposed beneficiary and detrimental effects of CLA from clinical studies

From: Pros and cons of CLA consumption: an insight from clinical evidences

Diseases Positive effects Negative effects
Obesity Reduced body fat mass Oxidative stress
  Reduced body mass index Abdominal irritations
  Reduced body fat percentage  
  Reduced body fat regain  
  Increased lean body mass  
  Improved muscle mass  
Cardiovascular diseases Improved blood lipid profile Enhanced production of circulatory markers of oxidative stress
  Reduced total cholesterol  
Immune disorders Enhanced the levels of protective antibodies Elevated levels of inflammatory markers in circulation
  Induced lymphocyte proliferation  
  Reduced delayed hypersensitivity responses  
Cancer Reduced the risks of colorectal, testicular and breast cancers Increased oxidative stress
Diabetes Enhanced insulin sensitivity Dysregulation of blood glucose and insulin
   Insulin resistance
   Decreased expression of GLUT4