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Table 3 Potential therapies for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

From: Prevalence, predisposition and prevention of type II diabetes

Non-pharmaceutical Approach
Method   Clinically Proven
Lifestyle modification   yes
Bariatric surgery   yes
Pharmaceutical Approach
Drugs Molecular Target Site(s) of Action Clinically Proven
Metformin Unknown Liver (muscle) Yes
Acarbose α-glucosidase Intestine Yes
Olistat lipase Intestine Yes
Thiazolidinediones PPARγ Liver, fat, muscle Yes
Rimonobant CB-1 Brain (fat, liver) No
DPP4 inhibitors DPP4 pancreatic islet beta-cells No
GLP1 analogs GLP1-receptor pancreatic islet beta-cells No