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Figure 1

From: Effect of food deprivation and hormones of glucose homeostasis on the acetyl CoA carboxylase activity in mouse brain: a potential role of acc in the regulation of energy balance

Figure 1

RT-PCR of ACC-1 and ACC-2 in Mouse Brain and Liver. ACC-2 expression levels were much higher in mouse brain as compared to ACC-1, whereas in liver, both ACC-1 and ACC-2 isoforms are expressed robustly. RT-PCR reaction was performed according to the procedures of Invitrogen, Inc. The reaction contained 0.5 μg of mouse brain or liver poly A+ RNA (Clontech Inc.) and remaining components in quantities according to the manufacturer's procedure in a total volume of 50 μL. For ACC-1, the sense primer (cgaaagactcttaactctgg) and anti-sense primer (ccaggttactgatctcatct) were used. For ACC-2, the sense primer (ggaagatgacagactcgaag) and anti-sense primer (tcatcagaggagttgtcatc) were used. Lane 1: low Mw marker. Lanes 2,4,6,7,9 and 11: empty. Lanes 3 and 5: brain poly A+ RNA, RT-PCR products. Lanes 8 and 10: liver poly A+ RNA, RT-PCR products. The expected product sizes were confirmed referring back to the full-length cDNA.

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