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Table 3 Potential covariates examined. The 3 statistically significant ones are shown in italics with corresponding significance level, p value.

From: Physiogenomic analysis of weight loss induced by dietary carbohydrate restriction

Name Measure Description p-value
Gender male, female Patient gender  
Age integer Patient age  
Ethnicity African American, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic, Indian Patient self reported ethnicity  
Length 4, 6, or 12 wk Length of diet 1.00E-12
TC mg/dl Total cholesterol 0.04
LDL mg/dl LDL cholesterol  
HDL mg/dl HDL cholesterol  
TG mg/dl Tryglycerides  
THDLR ratio Ratio of Total to HDL-C  
BMS kg Body mass  
FM kg Fat mass  
LBM kg Lean body mass  
PF percent Percent body fat  
BMI kg/m2 Body mass index 3.40E-06