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Figure 1

From: Longitudinal and age trends of metabolic syndrome and its risk factors: The Family Heart Study

Figure 1

Percentages of MetS and its risk factors in the FHS-Time 1 and FHS-Time 2. Three analyses were applied: FHS-T1 (o)/FHS-T2 (o) – o riginal MetS (no medication effects on lipids were considered); FHS-T1 (m)/FHS-T2 (m) – m edication effects on BP, lipids, and GLUC were considered as categorical effects; FHS-T1 (c)/FHS-T2 (c) – for participants that used anti-hypertensive/anti-hyperlipidemic medication(s), c orrections of the corresponding risk factors with clinical trials medication average effects for BP and lipids were performed (see Methods). Footnote. MS3, MS4, MS5 are the percentages of participants with at least 3, 4, and 5 risk factors beyond the MetS NCEP thresholds.

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