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Table 1 Steroid production by control (non-transfected) and SR-BI transfected Y1-BS1 mouse adrenocortical cells

From: Consequences of over-expression of rat Scavenger Receptor, SR-BI, in an adrenal cell model

Experimental Conditions 20α-Dihydroprogesterone (ng/mg cell protein/5h ± SE)
Control (vector)-transfected Y1-BS1 Cells  
   • Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) 4542 ± 990
   • Bt2cAMP + hHDL3 11620 ± 2041
SR-BI transfected Y1-BS1 cells  
   • Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) 5303 ± 1298
   • Bt2cAMP + hHDL3 26340 ± 2059
  1. Results are Mean ± SE of four separate experiments.
  2. Cultures of Y1-BS1 cells were transfected with rSR-BI-V5-pcDNA6.1 (or vector control) constructs for 48 h. Twenty four hours after transfection, some cultures were treated with Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) for an additional 24 h. Subsequently, cells were incubated for 5 h in the absence (basal) or presence of Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) ± hHDL3 (500 μg protein/ml) as indicated. Following incubation, a suitable aliquot of the medium from each sample was collected, and steroids were extracted from the medium using methylene chloride and quantified by fluorescence in 65% sulfuric acid-35% ethanol using corticosterone as a standard.
  3. p = 0.0023 vs Bt2cAMP + hHDL3-treated control cells