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Table 2 Selective HDL-CE uptake by control Y1-BS1 cells and cells transiently overexpressing SR-BI.

From: Consequences of over-expression of rat Scavenger Receptor, SR-BI, in an adrenal cell model

Experimental Conditions Mass of selective HDL-CE uptake (ng CE/mg cell protein/5h ± SE)
Control (vector) transfected cells  
   • Basal 607 ± 128
   • Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) 1802 ± 463a
SR-BI transfected cells  
   • Basal 1623 ± 295b
   • Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) 3514 ± 48c,d
  1. Results are Mean ± SE of four separate experiments.
  2. Y1-BS1 mouse adrenocortical cells were transfected with rSR-BI-V5-pcDNA6.1 construct (or control vector) for 48 h. Twenty four hours after transfection, some cultures were treated with Bt2cAMP (2.5 mM) for an additional 24 h. Subsequently, cells were incubated with radiolabeled, non-releasable apolipoprotein ([125I] DLT) and cholesteryl ester ([3H] COE) tags ± Bt2AMP (2.5 mM) that would accumulate within cells. Uptake by the selective pathway was determined as described under Experimental Procedures.
  3. ap = 0.0471 vs basal control transfected cells; bp = 0.0196 vs basal control transfected cells; cp = 0.0159 vs basal SR-BI transfected cells; dp = 0.0434 vs Bt2cAMP-treated control transfected cells.