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Figure 1

From: Susceptibility to obesity and gallbladder stasis produced by a protein- and fat-enriched diet in male mice compared with female mice

Figure 1

Body weights (A), plasma lipid concentrations (B and C) in wild-type (left panel) and CCK-1R(-/-) male mice (right panel) at 6 and 12 months of age. Body weights and plasma lipid concentrations were higher in mice fed OA-2 than those fed CRF-1 regardless of genotype. *, significantly different from the respective values of CRF-1 mice; †, significantly higher than the respective values at 6 months of age. Values are means ± SE. The results of statistical analyses are shown in the text. The numbers of animals are shown in Table 2. Ref, the value was referred from the record of the animal laboratory of our institute; NT, not tested in the present study.

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