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Figure 7

From: Expression of PPARα modifies fatty acid effects on insulin secretion in uncoupling protein-2 knockout mice

Figure 7

mRNA expression of lipolytic (CPT1, ACO and MCD) and lipogenic (ACC) enzymes were measured by quantitative RT-PCR in KO and WT islets after 24 h incubation with either BSA (open bars), PA (closed bars) or OA (dashed bars). Baseline expression (BSA-cultured islets) was similar in both genotypes for all enzymes. The expression of CPTI was significantly induced (*P < 0.05 vs BSA) in UCP2 KO and WT islets by PA treatment (7A). The expression of ACO and MCD was significantly increased only in KO islets treated with PA (7B & 7D). In KO and WT islets, the expression of ACC was not affected by PA or OA (7C). Data are presented as means ± SE, N = 6–8 for each group.

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