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Figure 5

From: A high throughput live transparent animal bioassay to identify non-toxic small molecules or genes that regulate vertebrate fat metabolism for obesity drug development

Figure 5

Conservation of pharmacological pathways and consistency amongst groups of animals are shown. NAD or resveratrol is known to activate SIRT-1. Conversely, sirtinol is an inhibitor of SIRT-1. Vaticanol B (Vat B) is a resveratrol tetramer natural product predicted to activate SIRT-1 as well (A). Isoproterenol or norepinephrine activation of beta-adrenergic receptors causes a decrease in detectable fat. Conversely, activation of PPARĪ³ promotes adipocyte diferentation as predicted for treated zebrafish larvae. This slows the normal reduction in fat stores seen during this window of development.

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