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Table 1 Research Design

From: Insulin sensitivity is normalized in the third generation (F3) offspring of developmentally programmed insulin resistant (F2) rats fed an energy-restricted diet

Generation Breeding Dam Prenatal/Nursing Diet Offspring Post weaning Diet
F0 Low Protein Energy-Restricted
F1 Energy-Restricted Energy-Restricted
F2 Energy-Restricted Energy-Restricted
F3 Energy-Restricted F3.1 Energy-Restricted
   F3.2 Nutritionally-Adequate
Controls Nutritionally-Adequate Nutritionally-Adequate
  1. Nutritionally Adequate diet – ad libitum (20% protein; TD 91352, Harlan Teklad, Madison, WI); Low Protein diet – ad libitum (isocaloric, 8% protein; TD 93033, Harlan Teklad, Madison, WI); Energy-Restricted – 70% control animal consumption of Nutritionally Adequate diet.