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Figure 1

From: Racial difference in Acylation Stimulating Protein (ASP) correlates to triglyceride in non-obese and obese African American and Caucasian women

Figure 1

Fasting ASP values in non-obese, obese and obese diabetic Caucasian American (CA) and African American (AA) women relative to BMI. Fasting blood samples were collected and ASP measured in CA (n = 64) and AA (n = 65) women. Panel A: Average ± SEM is given for each group where * p < 0.05 vs. respective lean control group, and †† p < 0.01 for AA vs. CA. Panels B and C: Correlation between plasma ASP and BMI is given for CA (Panel B, p = 0.015), AA (panel C, p = 0.036). Panel D: Correlation between ASP and BMI was significantly different between AA and CA (p = 0.0004).

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