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Figure 1

From: Effect of conjugated linoleic acids from beef or industrial hydrogenation on growth and adipose tissue characteristics of rats

Figure 1

Comparison of the total number of adipocytes in fat tissues from rats fed with various diets. A, B: Means (± standard error) denoted by a different letter differ (p < 0.05); n = 14. CON – Control diet, SCLA – diet with 1.69% synthetic CLA replacing and equivalent amount of soybean oil, CONM – Diet containing control beef (from steers not provided sunflower seeds (SS) during their production, with composition; 97% dry matter (DM), 52.6% protein and 38.8% lipids in DM), CLAM – diet containing high CLA beef (from steers fed 14% SS during their production with composition; 95% dry matter (DM), 60.6% protein and 28.5% lipids in DM).

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