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Figure 4

From: In vitro vasorelaxation mechanisms of bioactive compounds extracted from Hibiscus sabdariffa on rat thoracic aorta

Figure 4

TLC-fingerprinting of the crude extract of hibiscus sabdariffa. Eluent: mixture of ethyl acetate/icy acetic acid/formic acid/water (100:11:11:26). Detection: under UV light in 366 nm after revelation with the reagent of NEU; Spots: 1 μg/μl of crude extract followed by the various fractions of elution at the same concentration: F1-15, F16-20, F21-26, F27-35 and F36-67. Support: Silicagel 60 F254 Merck; Fluorescence: blue = Phenolic Acids; yellow - Orange: Flavonols and Yellow - Green: Flavones.

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