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Table 1 Using 2H2O to study the effects of feeding and exercise on muscle protein synthesis

From: The application of 2H2O to measure skeletal muscle protein synthesis

Objective Species Assessment time Outcome Reference
Determine if obesity impairs protein synthesis following nutrient ingestion C57BL/6J mice 5 hours Diet-induced obesity impairs nutrient stimulated MPS [26]
Determine the effects of acute fasting & chronic food restriction on protein synthesis Male Wistar rats (2-3 mo old) 6 hours Acute fasting (20 h) and chronic food restriction (7 d) impaired MPS [27]
Compare flooding dose vs. 2H2O to measure protein synthesis with acute resistance exercise Male Sprague- Dawley rats (5-6 mo old) 4 & 24 hours Methodologies compare qualitatively, and more muscle protein is synthesized over 24 h vs. 4 h, however, synthesis rates were higher when measured over 4 hours [20]
Determine if chronic resistance exercise attenuates acute exercise stimulated protein synthesis Male Sprague- Dawley rats (5-6 mo old) 36 hours Resistance exercise training alters the anabolic (MPS) response to acute exercise [28]
Determine the effects of high-intensity resistance exercise when energy & macronutrient content controlled Male Humans (20-24 y old) 24 hours High-intensity resistance exercise stimulated myofibrillar, but not mixed MPS [†]
  1. † Unpublished Observations. Muscle protein synthesis, MPS.