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Figure 1

From: Fruit and vegetable consumption and proinflammatory gene expression from peripheral blood mononuclear cells in young adults: a translational study

Figure 1

Ratios of protein levels of selected proinflammatory markers, calculated from the fifth quintile (Q5: > 1150 g/d; n = 24), as compared to the first quintile (Q1: < 380 g/d; n = 24) of energy-adjusted fruit and vegetable consumption. *P < 0.05, Q1 vs. Q5, from post hoc Tukey test to correct for multiple comparisons, after performing ANOVA one-factor test (n = 120). CRP, C-reactive protein; Hcys, homocysteine; IL6, interleukin-6; TNFα, tumor necrosis factor-alpha

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