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Figure 3

From: The effective fraction isolated from Radix Astragali alleviates glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and hypertriglyceridemia in db/db diabetic mice through its anti-inflammatory activity

Figure 3

Rx significantly reduced the secretion of cytokines in human THP-1 macrophages. Panels show (a) MCP-1, (b) IL-6 and (c) TNF-α concentrations in human THP-1 macrophage conditioned medium after incubation with Rosiglitazone (10 μg/ml) or Rx (5 μg/ml or 10 μg/ml) for 48 hours. Each bar represents the relative mean fold change ± SEM (n = 6). Data were statistically analyzed using the one-way ANOVA with Dunnette's post hoc test. * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01.

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