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Figure 1

From: Sexual dimorphism in the lasting effects of moderate caloric restriction during gestation on energy homeostasis in rats is related with fetal programming of insulin and leptin resistance

Figure 1

Body weight over time until the age of 5 months (A) and body fat content at the ages of 2 and 5 months (B) of male and female offspring of controls and caloric restricted dams during gestation (CR). Animals were fed with standard normal fat (NF) diet until the age of 4 months and then exposed to a high fat (HF) diet (the dotted line indicates the time point of change from NF to HF diet). Data are expressed as the mean ± SEM of 12 animals per group. Statistics: A, effect of age; RxA, interaction between caloric restriction during lactation and age (ANOVA repeated measures). #, different from their respective control group (Student's t test). The arrow indicates the starting point of significant effects on body weight in male animals.

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