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Table 4 Comparison of total energy expenditure (kcal/d) by smoking status in males and females after controlling for the effects of age, fat-free mass, and self-reported physical activity.

From: Effect of smoking status on total energy expenditure

  Never smokers Current Smokers Difference
Adjusted for age and FFM 2870+28 2961+72 91 (p = 0.24)
Adjusted age, FFM, and SR PA 2867+27 2979+71 111 (p = 0.15)
Adjusted age and FFM 2334+24 2252+51 -81 (p = 0.16)
Adjusted for age, FFM, and SR PA 2334+24 2252+51 -81 (p = 0.15)
  1. Values are given as least square mean +/- standard error of the mean. Age in years, FFM = fat-free mass in kg, and SR PA is self reported physical activity in mets*hour. The number of subjects is the same as in table 1.