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Figure 5

From: A metabolic link between mitochondrial ATP synthesis and liver glycogen metabolism: NMR study in rats re-fed with butyrate and/or glucose

Figure 5

Effect of presence of butyrate in force-feeding bolus on time-course of mitochondrial ATP synthesis rate. m ± SEM. n varied from 6 to 12 for each delay. Isocaloric (7.28 cal) force-feeding (expressed per g body weight) consisted of 18.2 mg glucose or 14 mg glucose + 1.9 mg butyrate. Experimental conditions reflect the in vivo situation at each time of liver excision. Labeled means at a time without a common letter differ (t-test), P = 0.05. *Different from previous time within each group ≤0.05. **Different from 6th hour in Butyrate group, P < 0.04.

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