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Figure 3

From: Resistant starch and exercise independently attenuate weight regain on a high fat diet in a rat model of obesity

Figure 3

Cell Size Frequency Distribution Profiles of Adipose Tissue. Distribution of adipocyte size for mesenteric (A-B) and subcutaneous (C-D) adipose depots. The impact of dietary RS and exercise is shown in panels A and C, whereas the impact of exercise and exercise cessation for the two depots is shown in panels B and D. Profiles were created from the compiled cells of all animals in the groups (~150 cell/rat), stratified into 20 μm intervals. The profile shifts in mesenteric fat were accompanied by no change in total number of mesenteric adipocytes (Table 2). In contrast, exercise and exercise cessation were accompanied by a progressive increase in the number of adipocytes in subcutaneous adipose tissue (see Table 2). The dependence of the frequency distributions on the interventions was examined with Pearson's χ2 analysis.

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