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Table 3 Composition of the additive foods supplied during the study

From: Effects of a ketogenic diet on the quality of life in 16 patients with advanced cancer: A pilot trial

  Highly fermented yoghurt-drink Vegetable oil mixture Protein preparation
Ingredients skimmed milk line seed oil milk-protein
  plant oil mixture canola oil  
  pectin walnut oil  
   grape seed oil  
   pumpkin seed oil,  
Energy per 100 g 245 kJ/59 kcal 3730 kJ/891 kcal 1550 kJ/370 kcal
Protein 1,5 g 0 88-90,3 g
Fat 5,1 g 99,9 g 1 g
   Saturated FA 1,3 g 36,5 g n.a.
   Unsaturated FA 3,8 g 63,4 n.a.
   Omega-3 FA 0,3 g 19,6 g n.a.
CHO 1,7 g 0 0,2 g
  1. n. a. = not analyzed; FA: fatty acids, CHO: carbohydrates, MCT: medium chain triglyceride.