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Figure 4

From: Periodic 48 h feed withdrawal improves glucose tolerance in growing pigs by enhancing adipogenesis and lipogenesis

Figure 4

Glucose Universal 14C uptake by cells of different diameter (μm) and from omental adipose tissue of pigs in the feed withdrawal (FW) treatments: control (no feed withdrawal), single FW (FWx1) for 48 h at 19 wk or multiple FW (FWx4) for 24 h at age 7 and 11 wk and for 48 h at 15 and 19 wk. a. cells per/mg of fat sample, b. counts/min/mg of fat and c. counts/min/104 cells. Cell numbers and U14C glucose incorporation rate for cells in the diameter range of 119-150 μm tended (p = .0685 and .0872, respectively) to be greater for pigs in the FWx4 treatment relative to the other treatments, while counts per minute of fat/mg of sample was greater (p = .0234) for the same cells. (n = 5, 6 and 7 for control, FWx1, and FWx4 respectively)

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