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Figure 3

From: Leptin differentially regulate STAT3 activation in ob/ob mouse adipose mesenchymal stem cells

Figure 3

Leptin increases Sca-1+/CD45-/CD34+cell numbers in vivo and in vitro . (A). Cell numbers were measured using FACS analysis of SVF cells that were isolated from leptin-injected ob/ob mice (1 μg/g body weight for 10 days). The mean ± SE for three mice per group are plotted, *p<0.05 compared to lean mice (B). Isolated and cultured SVF cells from ob/ob mice were treated with insulin (1000 ng/ml), leptin (1000 ng/ml) and leptin (1000 ng/ml) + insulin (1000 ng/ml) for 96h. Cells were quantified using FACS analysis. Data are presented as mean ± SE, triplicate samples of n = 3 independent experiments, * represents p<0.05.

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