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Figure 2

From: Jerusalem artichoke and chungkookjang additively improve insulin secretion and sensitivity in diabetic rats

Figure 2

Insulin secretion capacity during hyperglycemic clamp. Serum insulin levels were measured during hyperglycemic clamp in diabetic Px rats fed high fat diets with casein (diabetic-CON group), 5% CKJ, 5% HTL, or 5% CKJ+ 5% HTL for 8 wk. Normal-CON group represented non-diabetic Sham rats fed high fat diets with casein. The sample size was the same as in Table 4. *Significantly different among the groups at p<0.05 by one-way ANOVA. a,b,cValues in the same row with different superscripts were significantly different by Tukey test at P<0.05.

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