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Table 3 Metabolic parameters after overnight-fasting

From: Jerusalem artichoke and chungkookjang additively improve insulin secretion and sensitivity in diabetic rats

  Diabetic-CON (n=20) CKJ (n=20) HTL (n=20) CKJ+HTL (n=20) Normal-CON (n=20)
Body weight (g) 337±47b 320±38b 324±33b 317±39b 427±39a*
Epidydimal fat pads (g) 3.0±0.5b 2.7±0.4bc 2.7±0.4bc 2.4±0.4c 4.6±0.7a*
Caloric intakes (Kcal/day) 115±18b 109±17b 110±16b 105±17b 93±14a*
Serum triglyceride levels (mmol/L) 1.26±0.23a 1.01±0.12b 0.98±0.14b 0.97±0.15b 0.93±0.13b*
Serum leptin levels (ng/mL) 5.1±0.7b 4.3±0.6c 4.4±0.6c 3.6±0.6d 6.6±0.8a*
Serum glucose levels (mmol/L) 9.8±1.4a 8.1±1.0b 7.7±0.9b 6.3±0.8c 4.3±0.7d*
Serum insulin levels (ng/mL) 0.69±0.13d 0.81±0.13c 0.66±0.11d 1.02±0.16b 1.38±0.24a*
Serum glucagon (ng/mL) 95.4±10.3 92.5±11.7 91.7±12.1 91.5±10.9 90.4±11.5
  1. Values are mean±SD. Rats in the normal-control (Normal-CON) and diabetic-control (Diabetic-CON) was fed high fat diets while diabetic rats in the CKJ, HTL, and CKJ+HTL groups were provided with high fat diets supplemented with 5% CKJ, 5% HTL, and 5% CKJ+ 5% HTL, respectively.
  2. *Significantly different among the groups at p<0.05 by one-way ANOVA.
  3. a,b,c,dValues in the same row with different superscripts were significantly different in Tukey test at P<0.05.