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Figure 3

From: Kupffer cells ameliorate hepatic insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet rich in monounsaturated fatty acids: the evidence for the involvement of alternatively activated macrophages

Figure 3

Effect of HF diet and Kupffer cells reduction on lysosomal lipase protein abundance in light lysosomal fraction. Lysosomal lipase can degrade intracellular TAG only when lipid droplets and LAL co-localize in autophagolysosomes. Autophagolysosomes "light" lysosomes) are less dense than inactive lysosomes due to their content of less denselipid droplets and could be separated by differential centrifugation. The light lysosomal fraction was prepared as described in Material and Methods. All data are presented together with median. Open symbols = starved animals (S); closed symbols = fed animals (F). SD; □ ■ SD + GdCl3; ♦ HF;▲ Δ HF + GdCl3.p < 0.05,† †p < 0.01,† † †p < 0.001 fed vs starved; ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001 HF + GdCl3 vs HF.

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