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Figure 4

From: Black rice (Oryza sativa L.) extract attenuates hepatic steatosis in C57BL/6 J mice fed a high-fat diet via fatty acid oxidation

Figure 4

Effect of BRE supplementation on liver histology. Photomicrographs of H&E stained longitudinal liver sections from representative animals in the ND, HF, and HF + BRE1% groups (magnification 400×) (A). Lipid droplets (arrows), microvesicular steatosis (arrow head), and mild inflammation (circle) were observed in the HF liver sections. The HF group had a higher mean hepatic steatosis grade (0-3 scale) than the ND and HF + BRE1% groups (B). Data are expressed as means ± standard error (n = 8 per group). Means with different letters (a, b, or c) on their associated bars are significantly different from each other at p < 0.05 by Duncan's multiple range test.

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