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Table 9 Effects of consuming the soluble cocoa products on intestinal transit time (mean values and standard error of mean (SEM), n = 44)

From: Effects of regularly consuming dietary fibre rich soluble cocoa products on bowel habits in healthy subjects: a free-living, two-stage, randomized, crossover, single-blind intervention

  Dye appearance time (hours) Dye disappearance time (hours)
Stage Mean SEM Mean SEM
Non-cocoa 31.46 1.48 71.72 2.84
Cocoa product A 35.04 2.81 76.93 6.06
Cocoa product B 30.05 1.97 67.32 4.10
  N.S. N.S.
  1. Dye appearance and disappeareance time were studied using a mixed model with repeated measures (stage) with one factorial fixed factor (cocoa product).