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Table 1 Modified Newcastle Ottawa Scale

From: The potential role of the antioxidant and detoxification properties of glutathione in autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis

1. Selection   
   Case definition Yes, with independent validation 2
  Yes, record linkage/self report 1
  No description 0
   Representativeness Consecutive cases 1
  Potential for selection bias/not stated 0
   Selection of controls Community 2
  Hospital/clinic/school 1
  Potential for selection bias/not stated 0
   Definition of controls No family history of autism spectrum disorder 2
  Healthy/other psych/developmental/genetic 1
  Poorly defined/not stated 0
2. Comparability of cases and controls on the basis of the design  
   Study controls for age 1
   Study controls for gender 1
3. Exposure   
   Ascertainment of exposure  
  Laboratory blinded to case/control status 1
  Laboratory unblinded/not stated 0
   Method of ascertainment same for cases and controls  
  Yes 1
  No 2
4. Additional criteria for genetic studies  
a. Consideration of Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium  
  Yes 1
  No 0
b. Power calculations  
  Yes 1
  No 0
c. Correction for multiple comparisons  
  Yes 1
  No 0
d. Adjustment for population stratification  
  Yes 1
  No 0