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Table 6 Minutes of activity per day

From: Substrate utilization during submaximal exercise in children with a severely obese parent

Mins./Day LP (n=8) OP (n=6)
Sedentary 1023±29.30 1022±45.11
Light 325.3±18.79 331.1±39.23
Moderate 39.59±8.156 41.02±7.683
Vigorous 2.304±0.7779 4.725±1.513
Total Physical Activity 367.2±24.06 376.9±44.69
  1. LP, children with lean/non-obese parents; OP, children with a severely obese parent. Minutes per day (min/d) at the respective activity levels were determined with an accelerometer. There were no differences between groups. Mean ± SE.