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Figure 2

From: Nutritional regulation of muscle protein synthesis with resistance exercise: strategies to enhance anabolism

Figure 2

Enhanced amino acid sensitivity of myofibrillar protein synthesis (FSR) persists for up to 24 h only after resistance exercise that results in maximal muscle fibre activation induced by high load low volume resistance exercise (90FAIL) or low load high volume resistance exercise (30FAIL). 30WM represents a worked-match control to the 90FAIL condition that did not result in full muscle fibre recruitment. The change in myofibrillar protein synthesis rates are determined from the transition from fasting (FAST) to feeding 15 g of protein at rest (FED) or 24–27 h after resistance exercise in the fasting- (24 h EX FAST) or fed-state (24 h EX-FED). *Significantly different from FED (P < 0.05). †Significantly different from 30WM (P < 0.05). Adptated from Burd and colleagues [27].

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