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Table 3 General effects of diet, tissue weight and sex in metabolically challenged mice (ANOVA analysis; “NS” indicates that effects are not significant)

From: Extrinsic and intrinsic regulation of DOR/TP53INP2 expression in mice: effects of dietary fat content, tissue type and sex in adipose and muscle tissues

  adipose tissue (BAT/WAT) muscle tissue (SM/HM)
  factor p-value factor p-value
FD/HFD mice diet 0.024470 diet NS
  tissue NS tissue 0.00372
  sex 0.007940 sex NS
genetically obese mice (100 days old) tissue NS tissue NS
  sex 0.0438 sex 0.02
  1. BAT, brown adipose tissue; WAT, white adipose tissue; SM, skeletal muscle; HM, heart muscle; FD, 18% fat diet; HFD, 80% fat diet.