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Table 5 Gene expression data for fatty acid oxidation pathway genes in liver from pre-diabetic MKR vs age-matched WT mice

From: The beta-3 adrenergic agonist (CL-316,243) restores the expression of down-regulated fatty acid oxidation genes in type 2 diabetic mice

Gene name PD vs WT Gene name PD vs WT Gene name PD vs WT
EHHADH −7.26916 ACOX3 −2.51966 ACSL1 NA
ALDH2 −6.37787 HSD17B4 −2.50286 ACSL5 NA
ALDH1A1 −5.94915 CPT2 −2.42769 ACSL6 NA
SLC27A5 −5.0653 ACAA2 −2.32958 ADH6A NA
ALDH7A1 −4.70793 ACADL −2.2378 ALDH1A2 NA
ACADVL −4.33359 ACSL4 −2.20483 ALDH3A2 NA
ACOX1 −3.99613 ECHS1 −2.17225 CPT1A NA
SLC27A4 −3.15579 HSD17B10 −2.08251 SDS NA
ACSL3 −2.98288 ADH5 −2.02934 SLC27A1 NA
DCXR −2.67591 ACAA1 NA HSD17B8 NA
ACAT1 −2.6477 ACSBG1 NA   
IVD −2.5505 ACSBG2 NA   
  1. NA corresponds to that gene expression data was not available in the cut-off dataset (Fold-change > 1.5X and p-value < 0.05). PD denotes prediabetic (3 week old MKR mice).