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Table 10 A summary of the relationship between minor allelic SNP and HC on the conversion of LA to AA, ALA to EPA and EPA to DHA

From: Ethnicity, sex, FADS genetic variation, and hormonal contraceptive use influence delta-5- and delta-6-desaturase indices and plasma docosahexaenoic acid concentration in young Canadian adults: a cross-sectional study

Conversion Effect (SNPs or HC) Caucasians Asians
Males Females Males Females
LA to AA FADS1/FADS2 SNP (−) (−) n/s (−)
HC n/a (+) n/a n/s
ALA to EPA FADS1/FADS2 SNP n/s n/s n/s n/s
HC n/a (+) n/a n/s
EPA to DHA FADS2 SNP n/s (+) n/s n/s
HC n/a (+) n/a n/s
  1. Given that the findings of the present study can only show a relationship exists and not causality, (+) and (−) signs are used to denote relative differences in conversion (high and low, respectively) indirectly measured as a ratio of product to precursor fatty acid. Abbreviations: HC hormonal contraceptives, SNP single nucleotide polymorphisms, n/a not applicable, n/s no significant effect.