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Fig. 2

From: High fat plus high cholesterol diet lead to hepatic steatosis in zebrafish larvae: a novel model for screening anti-hepatic steatosis drugs

Fig. 2

HF and HFC diets lead to hepatic steatosis in zebrafish larvae. a Representative image of larvae defined positive for steatosis by whole-mount oil red O staining. Dotted line outlines the liver. b The percent of larvae with steatosis was scored in 3 tanks with at least n = 100 per group. c Numberous lipid droplets in the hepatocytes were observed by oil red O staining of frozen liver sections and H&E staining in HF group, 2.5 % HFC group and 5.0 % HFC group after 10 days of feeding. d FC, (e) TC and (f) TG levels in livers of larvae fed with control, HF, 2.5 % HFC and 5.0 % HFC diets for 10 days were normalized to total protein. Data are expressed as mean ± SD, N.S.: no significant difference, *P < 0.05, ***P < 0.001, by one-way ANOVA. (A, ×63 magnification; C, ×400 magnification; in: intestine)

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