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Fig. 1

From: Short-term, high-fat diet accelerates disuse atrophy and protein degradation in a muscle-specific manner in mice

Fig. 1

Body composition and blood metabolites of mice on control or high-fat diets. Starting at week 0, mice were kept on the low-fat diet for 12 weeks (control), fed the high-fat for 12 weeks (12wHF), or fed the control diet for 9 weeks followed by the high-fat diet for 3 weeks (3wHF). Body weight (a) was measured weekly. Fat mass (b) and fat-free mass (c) were measured by EchoMRI every 3 weeks. At the completion of the diet, serum insulin (d), whole blood glucose (e), and serum myostatin (f) were measured. n = 18–20 per diet; *P < 0.05; #P < 0.05 vs control and 3wHF

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