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Fig. 4

From: Short-term, high-fat diet accelerates disuse atrophy and protein degradation in a muscle-specific manner in mice

Fig. 4

LC3 content is increased by 14 days denervation. Mice were fed a low-fat diet (control) or a high-fat diet for 3 weeks (3wHF). The muscles of one hindlimb were denervated (Denv) for the final 14 days, and the other hindlimb served as the innervated control (Inn). a Representative LC3 immunoblot. b Relative quantification of LC3 I, c LC3 II, and d the ratio of the band intensities of LC3 II/LC3 I. n = 9–10 per group; *P < 0.05 main effect vs innervated. †P < 0.05 vs control

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