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Fig. 1

From: Bacterial metabolites directly modulate farnesoid X receptor activity

Fig. 1

Construction of a stable FXR reporter cell line. Cells were seeded to white 96-well plates with density of 5 × 104/well 24 h before administration of GW4064 or DMSO. After 24 h cultivation, cells were lysed and chemiluminescense was evaluated by administration of luciferase assay reagent: (a) RLU and S/B ratio. (b) Dose response of FXR agonist (GW4064). (c-e) mRNA expression of FXR target genes, Ibabp (c), Ostα (d), Fgf19 (e) by GW4064. Gapdh was used as endogenous gene. Gene expression levels were calculated via the relative standard curve method. Experiments were performed in triplicate with the mean ± SD shown. RLU: Relative luminescent units; S/B: Signal noise ratio = GW4064/DMSO = Relative FXR stimulatory potential

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