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Fig. 1

From: Higher visceral fat area increases the risk of vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency in Chinese adults

Fig. 1

Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency (25(OH) D3) <20 μg/L) (a) or vitamin D insufficiency (25(OH) D3: 20–29 μg/L) (b) according to the quartiles of visceral fat area in men and women. Men (Q1: <89.95 cm2, Q2: 89.95–115.72 cm2, Q3: 115.72–140.46 cm2, Q4: ≥140.46 cm2); Pre-menopausal women (Q1: <53.15 cm2, Q2: 53.15–66.18 cm2, Q3: 66.18–84.47 cm2, Q4: ≥ 84.47 cm2); Post-menopausal women (Q1: <71.55 cm2, Q2: 71.55–91.97 cm2, Q3: 91.97–115.73 cm2, Q4: ≥115.73 cm2). *Compared with Q1, P <0.05; #Compared with Q2, P <0.05; &Compared with Q3, P <0.05

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