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Fig. 3

From: Metabolism and bioavailability of newly developed dietary fiber materials, resistant glucan and hydrogenated resistant glucan, in rats and humans

Fig. 3

Changes of hydrogen excretion after oral administration of RG HRG or RMD to rats fed with an experimental diet. FOS, fructooligosaccharide; RG, resistant glucan; HRG, hydrogenated resistant glucan; RMD, resistant maltodextrin. Immediately after test substance (400 mg/2.5 ml) was orally administered to each rat fed with an experimental diet (n = 5 per group), rats were moved to the Metabolica apparatus to collect circulating air. Values were means ± SD. *, The excretion of hydrogen was significantly lower in RG, HRG and RMD than in FOS at each peak point, at P < 0.05 by Steel method. There was no significant difference among RG, HRG, and RMD by Steel-Dwass method

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