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Fig. 4

From: Metabolism and bioavailability of newly developed dietary fiber materials, resistant glucan and hydrogenated resistant glucan, in rats and humans

Fig. 4

Change of plasma glucose and insulin levels after ingestion of RG or HRG in healthy human subjects. RG, resistant glucan; HRG, hydrogenated resistant glucan. After overnight fasting, 30 g of test substance (glucose, Purified RG and HRG) were ingested by 10 healthy subjects and blood (120 μl) was collected from the tip of finger at 30 min-intervals for 180 min after ingestion. Values were means ± SD. *, #, Plasma glucose (a) and insulin (b) concentrations in RG or HRG administration were significantly lower than those in glucose administration at each peak point, at P < 0.05 by Dunnett’s post hoc test for glucose (a) and by Steel method for insulin (b)

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