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Fig. 3

From: Short chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency and short-term high-fat diet perturb mitochondrial energy metabolism and transcriptional control of lipid-handling in liver

Fig. 3

Mitochondrial oxygen consumption rate. Legend: Mitochondrial oxygen consumption rate in isolated liver mitochondria in the presence of various substrates. Experiments were run on a SeaHorse XF24 extracellular flux analyzer to obtain bioenergetics profiles from Acads−/− and +/+ mice. OCR, oxygen consumption rate. Data are displayed as absolute, point-to-point oxygen consumption rates (pmol/min/well). a OCR in the presence of succinate/rotenone. b OCR with butyrate/malate. c OCR with palmitoylcarnitine/malate. d respiratory control ratio (RCR); calculated as the state 3 respiratory rate divided by the state 4 respiratory rate, obtained from the ADP-linked/oligomycin OCR readings. Samples were run in triplicate. Data represent means ± SE for n = 3-9 animals. *P < 0.05, Acads−/− vs. Acads+/+

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